Inproduction - Photography Collective


On-going project on the story of a grand-son of a “Yibbum child” – it means of a child coming from jewish tradition of levirate marriage – in the search of his identity.
Born as jewish, he was living and educated as a non-jewish by parents with a post Holocaust trauma. They always told him that history is repeating itself but this time, he has not to fear anymore, as he has a country to escape: Israel.
Time has passed as his fears till the moment that he was told again to hide his jewish identity. He decided that it was time to define what it could mean to him.
This is about his attempt to define his own identity through learning religion, going closer to religious part of his family and discovering “his” land, Israel and Morocco – where his family is coming from.
[Yibbum (hebrew word for levirate marriage) is a type of mariage which obliges the oldest surviving brother of a man who dies childless to marry the widow of his childless deceased brother, with the firstborn child being treated as that of the deceased brother.]

author: Gregory Michenaud