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Teddy’s Calvary

Stubla is a small village located on the borders of Kosovo. Stubla is situated on slopes of the mountains behind which is Macedonia. There is about 300 inhabitants who attend Roman Catholic congregation Letnica. This is an exception on religious landscape of Kosovo.

Officially about 90% of inhabitants of Kosovo is practising the Islam. 3-4% are Catholics. In fact, more than a half of the local society is feeling associated with the Catholicism as the religion of ancestors. The Christianity was present in the land of today’s Albania and Kosovo already in apostolic times. Only an invasion of Turks in the 15th century was a beginning of the cultural turnabout. At the beginning, fathers of families were being forced to change the religion and convert to Islam. Fathers who didn’t change their religion had to pay bigger tax.

Kosovan Catholics were named ’’laraman’’. Outside they were exemplary Muslims, but in fact they didn’t stop praying at their homes in a Christian manner.

Today more and more people concealing their religion say openly that their faith is Catholic.


author: Tomek Lendo