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Women’s Educational Center in Garowe founded by Faaduma Diirie Nuur.

In Somalia education opportunities for women are very narrow. Somali women aren’t aware of they strength and the impact they can have on the developement of their country. They lack self-esteem. Samofal helps them gain their self-esteem and independency. In the Women’s Educational Center Somali Women can learn handicrafts, tailoring, computer skills and business base. Later, some of these women will find a job in hotels or they will open their own small shops.

The new tradition is being born in Somalia, which is the result of a civil war lasting 20 years.
The girls and women are gaining more recognition in patriarchate society. The men are absent or handicapped because of the war. Today the girls are sent to school more often than ever. They are the new hope for the future of their parents and they are the future for a somalian society.

author: Agata Grzybowska