Inproduction - Photography Collective


“Locals” – is the answer the people of West Polesia gave to the question about their nationality in the 1931 census. This population adhered to a variety of religions, spoke a local dialect, and for centuries have lived in a form of symbiosis, sharing the hardships of ilfe. After the Second World War, the area was divived by national frontiers and now lies in Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine.In spite of 60 years of isolation and the division of former West Polesie, traces of the community are still visible. The photographs were taken in the cities of Svityaz (Ukraine), Shatsk (Ukraine), Holovne (Ukraine), Dorohusk (Poland), Svityaz (Ukraine), Słowatycze (Poland), Zaświatycze (Poland), Sobibór (Poland).


author: Mateusz Baj