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Between the blocks

Gdansk, Kalisz. Poland. Honorata, a graudate in theology and Agnieszka, a management graudate, are a couple. They both work in the fish department of the Leclerc supermarket in Gdańsk and a Selgros wholesale warehouse, arranging merchandise on the shelves. They live in a 19 sqare meters rented flat in Gdańsk. Together, they are raising 14-year-old Natalia, Honorata’s daughter. Agnieszka, a divorcee, is the mother of 3-year-old Antek, but for now the boy is raised by her parents, who find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that their daughter is living with a woman.

The couple is in process of moving to Kalisz (300 km from Gdańsk) for better job opportunities. Both of them were promoted to managerial positions in the fish and vegetable departments of Leclerc supermakret in Kalisz. Together they obtained a loan and bought a three-bedroom apartment, They miss Antek but believe that he will be comig to live with them soon. The story is a part of a documentary film, the cineaste is working on.

2014 – nomination to Grand Press Photo Award in single photo- daily life category
2014 – second place prize in Grand Press Photo Award for reportage ‘Between the blocks” (daily life category)
2016 –  second place prize in Grand Press Photo Award in Daily Life ( single photo category )


author: Anna Liminowicz