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Between the blocks

This is a story about life in harmony with yourself and about love that gives birth to opportunities and hard decisions.

Honorata (40 years), a graduate of theology and Agnieszka (30 years), a graduate of management, are a couple. In a private and professional life. To get a better job, in 2013 they move from Gdansk to Kalisz. In a new place both of them manage three departments in the hypermarket. Thanks to moving out they can change their 19-meter rented studio into a three-room flat. To keep a family of four at a decent level, Honorata also finds a job in a bar. Together they bring up two children – Antek and Natalia. For several times they tried as a couple to have the third child. They will no longer try in Poland. They want to permanently move to England.

“The Polish country did not give me anything. I raised my daughter alone, I did not get any help. Now I am in a relationship, we have 2 children and  the Country still does not recognize us. The whole family is outside the system. I do not want to live like that anymore” says Honorata.

The decision about leaving is made together, by both of them. Its direct reason is a proposal of job promotion given to Honorata. But she no longer wants it, she will not handle that anymore. That’s because the promotion will bring no time for the family and will not increase money. She is tired. The departments she manages together with Agnieszka continually offer vacancies – nobody wants to work there despite the present unemployment rate. They analyze the possibilities, they dream about getting married in England.In December 2016 Honorata leaves first. She will work in a restaurant, at the lowest position and one-third time. But she knows it will not last long. Soon she will learn the language, the specificity of the profession and become a kitchen manager because she knows how strong she can be.

 Six months later Agnieszka joins her. They work together. Honorata is promoted. They decide that from September 2018 Antek will start his education at an English school. For now he is at Agnieszka’s parents. Until then, they will be taking any possible overtime to be able to rent a house and to create good conditions for their family. This is only eighteen-year-old Natalia that doesn’t want to live in England because in Poland she has friends and a boyfriend. After graduation she wants to go back to Gdansk.

Reportage “Between the blocks” won the first edition of Krzysztof Miller’s Photography Award


Published by The New York Times -Lens-Photography –


author: Anna Liminowicz